Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I Have Learned In Tech Ed


       I have learned lots of stuff in this semester, most importantly... We learned about chickens coding! 
Before, I didn't even know that i was a coder. On a website I use, we code! I had no idea that we did until now. (And no, even though i wish, the website was not about chickens.) 
But that website was just the basics! I never knew how to make a website, let alone a interactive one. 
Coding is interesting (But yet has nothing about chickens!) and kinda fun just can get a little boring. But it was hard  for me to remember what to type,like to make the font bigger or a different color, i had no idea how because i couldn't remember all that! 
CSS though was my favorite, decorating things always makes me happy! Even this very blog holds coding deep inside it, if you ever made a blog here and click on the HTML is the deep binding that holds everything together!
I learned a lot here this year,like HTML CSS and some Java at the beginning, like the header <header> and the ending </header>, i learned and figured out that the ending section like the </head> must always have the / mark before the word. the <p> and the </p> annoyed me the the most all the time,this is because i could never figure out where to put the other coding to make it bigger,smaller,or different colors or fonts. For example; for the changing of the font and coloring
<p style = "font-size:20px; color: blue; font-family: Arial">,  it looks confusing but if you are able to put the words (Or the annoying paragraph thingies) it turns out pretty cool! like the picture below (Not of the chicken) if what is the final product

Thanks for listening about chickens! I mean coding!

And now,here is a chicken in a wagon.